Barshasketh / Deitus / Peste Umbrarum “Adversarial Incursion” West Coast Tour

We are honored to announce our inclusion to Edinburgh, Scotland’s Barshasketh and London, England’s Deitus’ “Adversarial Incursion” tour! This will be both UK bands first venture to the US and we plan to bathe the West Coast in Blood and Shadow… Here is the official announcement by tour curators Gatekeeper Productions:

Barshasketh and Deitus will cross Atlantic waters for the first time this October on a West Coast tour with Peste Umbrarum. The tour will be in support of Barshasketh’s self-titled full length release early this year and Deitus’ sophomore album Via Dolorosa released late December of 2018.
Full Tour Dates:
26/10 Seattle, WA – The Highline
27/10 Portland, OR – Twilight Café and Bar
29/10 Oakland, CA – Elbo Room
30/10 Los Angeles, CA – Five Star Bar

Artwork and flyer by Misanthropic-Art

In His Name, we shall rise from the Tombs and Crypts to feed again…

New Live Dates September 2019

Peste Umbrarum will be joining bestial black goat crushers Putrid Temple and Befoulment for two nights, Seattle at the Highline on Saturday September 7th and Sunday September 8th at Twilight Cafe and Bar in Portland.