“Night Canticles of the Ancient Ana’themae” on Astral Nightmare Productions

We are excited to announce that we are in the last death throes of completing our full length “Night Canticles of the Ancient Ana’themae” to be released on Astral Nightmare Productions out of Germany!

It has been a journey to realizing this, with changes in line-up and our recent state of infection. However, in the eye of The Morning Star, we have been guided to the hands of our newest member Malleus for engineering this and feel as though our blood offering is a perfect design for your benediction.

Artwork by @Depravarts

List of putrid canticles are as follows:

  1. Where Vile Tempests Convoke (I am Borne)
  2. Sentinels of Black Ardor
  3. Dead to World
  4. Omnia Culto Mors
  5. Blood…Devouring Embrace

We will keep you informed as to the date of release in the next coming weeks!